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ZAZU Suzy the Portable Baby Soother


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This portable baby soother can calm down and reassure your baby where ever you go. Play one of the sounds familiar from uterus: shushing, heartbeat sound or white noise. Or a relaxing melody like ocean sound, lounge music or a loop fo lullabies. Shuts off automatically after 20 minutes. The cry sensor will turn the sound back on whenever your little on is crying. Variable volume.

Newborns don’t need silence. After having spent 9 months in uterus where sounds of blood flow and heartbeat can get louder than a vacuum cleaner, babies will calm down and sleep better with sound.

ssshhh…..shhhh, mimicking a mommy’s blood flow in uterus. A doctor proven method to stop babies from crying.

Suzy will switch off automatically after 20 minutes.

Take Suzy along everywhere you go.

Powered by 3x AAA batteries (not included).