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Zazu Fay, Rex and Otis Nightlight


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A unique wall light for your child's room. Multi colour light with adjustable brightness. Operated by hand gestures. No socket nearby necessary, this light is operated by 2 large rechargeable batteries. And last but not least it comes with 3 super cute magnetic friends. Just click you favourite onto the ring.

Wave your hands below the sensor from right to left to switch ON / OFF.

Change the brightness by hovering your hand below the sensor. When the right brightness is shown, remove your hand.

Tap onto the ring and the colour will change.

A multi color nightlight with adjustable brightness: white, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise, green.

The light can switch off automatically after 20-45 minutes or stay lit the entire night.

Choose your favourite buddy to click onto the ring. All 3 includedChoose your favourite buddy to click onto the ring. All 3 included.

This light is equipped with two rechargeable batteries. You can therefore place it anywhere you like. no wires, nothing.