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Vtech Baby BM1000 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

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VTech's BM100 Digital audio baby monitor gives you complete audio coverage of your baby's bedroom at night to monitor them safely at all times. The monitor uses a highly encrypted DECT signal which auto selects between 120 channels to give you clear interference free audio consistently without the risk of anyone else gainingaccess.

The monitor has a long rage of 300 meters line of sight, this roughly translates to 50 meters indoor meaning you can walk room to room and still have signal, the belt clip attached also makes this easier. With a rechargeable parent unit the monitor is portable and can be used around the house even if you're busy with the housework, to ensure you hear your baby the monitor has a loud speaker with adjustable volume, as well as a 5 LED sound level indicator, and a white noise filter to prevent distortion.

  • DECT signal with 120 auto selecting channels for interference free sound
  • 5 LED light-up sound level indicator with Vibration alerts
  • Rechargable portable parent unit
  • 300 meter line of sight range
  • Low battery alerts and power of button for power save