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Cybex Anoris T i-Size Car Seat


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Imagine a child seat that combines the protection of a revolutionary airbag with all the comfort of a forward-facing journey. Look back at your child through the rear-view mirror, knowing that the Cybex Anoris T i-Size keeps them safe in a seat that grows with them. This is the way forward for child car seats.

Hidden in the Anoris T i -Size impact shield until it’s needed most, revolutionary airbag technology delivers unparalleled protection faster than the blink of an eye. In a frontal crash the airbag inflates within milliseconds, protecting the child’s head, neck and body before the force of collision can even reach them. It forms a C-shape around the impact shield, designed to stop forward motion, reduce abdominal pressure and hold the child securely in place. This innovation not only achieves unprecedented safety levels and a more compact shield design, but also helps parents choose the comfort of forward-facing travel with peace of mind.

Forward-facing travel enables easy eye contact with your child. Communication is free and unobstructed, at an age when every interaction is valuable for their development. Studies show most parents turn car seats forward-facing before their children reach the currently recommended four years of age. With the Anoris T i-Size you can make this choice in confidence, with no compromise on safety.

Rear-facing travel often means a cramped sitting position, leading to unhappy children and stressful car journeys. In a forward-facing seat there are no limits to your child’s legroom. Growing limbs have ample space to stretch out and move, for unrestricted comfort at every growth stage. Children travel happier and even long drives are more relaxed. All thanks to airbag technology delivering forward-facing safety without compromise.

Safety that lasts longer. Advanced car seat shell design gives the all-new Anoris T i-Size a spacious seat where children have room to grow until they ’re approx . six years old– with the same unparalleled safety throughout. Both impact shield and headrest are fully adjustable for the perfect fit at any age. And the inbuilt airbag protects a range of body sizes, for superior protection over the years.

Key Features:

  • Up to 50% higher safety levels*
  • Maximum comfort for your growing child 
  • Reduces impact forces by 20% in the event of a side collision**
  • An intuitive buckle system means no more struggling with seatbelts
  • One-click impact shield is a fast, reliable way to secure your little one
  • Recline the seat so your little one can enjoy a restful sleep on the road
  • ISOFIX + a load leg provide stability + optimum positioning for the car seat
  • Central LED indicators to check the seat is installed + your little one is secure

*When compared to a forward-facing harness child seat in a frontal crash. Results of internal testing using 2021 ADAC frontal crash test criteria.

**Compared to the same seat with de-activated L.S.P.


  • Max. weight: 21kg
  • Car seat weight: 12kg
  • Measurements: L44 x W61.5 x H66.5cm
  • Suitable for use from 15 months up to approx. 6 years (76-115cm)