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Boppy Nursing Pillow

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Nursing & Infant Support Pillow - ideal for breastfeeding.

Boppy pillow ensures correct positioning of the baby thus preventing the onset of pain. Due to its padding, it helps the mother to maintain a comfortable position to help reduce muscle tension in arms, shoulders and neck; The cushion also provides the child with the right support, helping to maintain a comfortable and natural position during feeding. Boppy adapts to the mother's body and does not lose its shape over time

Unique Fibre

The internal padding is soft and compact therefore, the baby doesn't sink and the pillow always remains in the same position. This thick padding also ensures that the pillow will not lose its shape over time.

Ergonomic Shape 

The Boppy pillow has an exclusive shape which fits sung and secure around all mums. Also allows mums to sit upright when feeding to prevent back tension. 

Maximum Hygiene 

The pillow has removable slipcover which can be machine washed and dried along with the pillow. The pillow will never lose its shape no matter how many times its washed!