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ClevaMama ClevaBath The Baby Sink Bath

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ClevaMama ClevaBath The Baby Sink Bath 
  • Cocoons baby snuggly in an upright position, so they feel safe, secure and relaxed
  • Designed to fit any standard sink so no more bending over the main bath to bathe baby
  • Soft, flexible perforated basin means no heavy lifting of tubs full of with water
  • Longer use - our bath is suitable from new born to 12 months/ max 20lbs (9 kg)

Suitable from: 0 Months +

The ClevaBath® is a revolution in baby bath time, created to give peace of mind to parents by making bathing a baby so much easier and safer. 

Designed to sit over any standard sink and with a soft, flexible and perforated basin, it means no heavy lifting or draining tubs filled with water, no bending over the main bath, no bad posture and no water mess or spills, just easy and gentle bathing for your new baby.

Not everyone has a bath in their home, but everyone has a sink, the ClevaBath® cocoons your baby snuggly in an upright position, so they feel safe and relaxed during their bath time.

Why ClevaBath® makes your life easier 

ClevaBath Features

With adjustable and removable supports the ClevaBath® is perfect for babies from new born up to 12 months. And it’s lightweight and collapsible design is ideal for easy storage.

The first ever bath which fully transforms the kitchen sink into a happy baby bath.

How to use the ClevaBath®

ClevaMama ClevaBath - How to use

    • Folded approx.: 53cm x 38cm x 15cm
    • Unfolded approx. 53cm x 38cm x 30cm.
    • The weight is approx. 1.6kg/unit.
Suitable for babies from 0 to 12 months old or up to 20lb/9kg. No assembly needed.

IMPORTANT: Please read these instructions carefully and keep them for future reference.

    • For babies 0 to 12 months – max 20lb/ 9kg.
    • This is NOT a safety device.
    • The carer shall AT ALL TIMES be in contact with the baby and within arm’s reach. Never leave your child unattended.
    • Children have DROWNED while using bath and bath aids. DROWNING can occur in a very short time and in very shallow water, as little as 2 cm.
    • Never lift or carry the ClevaBath® with a baby in it.
    • This product is not designed or safe to use in an adult bath due to collapsible sides.
    • Before each use ensure your sink surface is clean and free from any residue that may cause the ClevaBath®  to slip.
    • Clean the ClevaBath® with warm soapy water and rinse well. DO NOT use any harsh chemicals or abrasives.
    • Prevent scalding – always check the water temperature before placing a baby in a bath. Water temperature should not exceed 37o C (98.6o F). Please ensure you keep the baby away from sink taps.
    • PREVENT ENTAGLEMENT or entrapment always keep baby's legs and hands inside the bath and ensure fingers are always free of the product.
    • Store in a dry and ventilated area.
  • STOP using the ClevaBath® if it gets damaged or broken in anyway.